Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How's my driving?

Today a coworker and I decided to break for lunch. We opted to run through the drive-thru at McDonald's for something quick. (And no, Becky, I did not get an apple dipper) What I did get, was cut off an inordinate amount of times in my short quest for food. This sparked a topic of conversation that I felt I had to share. My coworker, being from the heart of New York City, is used to people cutting each other off, horns blowing, fingers waving, and just about anything else you can expect from the big apple. I added my two cents that being from PA, I have noticed that Delaware drivers (in general) have a complex.
He agreed.
Here's our prognosis: wild drivers are everywhere, however the skill varies by geography and someone should tell them that.
Let me explain. In New York City, everyone is in a hurry all the time. They have places to go and they want to get there as efficiently as possible. Drivers jockey for position as each vehicle moves. Watching a native New Yorker drive in downtown New York is like looking at a Picasso; you're thinking "what the hell are they doing?", but in the end you're simply amazed.
This is because NYC drivers have the skill sets to drive like that. Cutting people off correctly requires intimate knowledge of your cars dimensions and abilities. NYC drivers can put a moving truck in the three inch gap between you and the car in front of you if you let it there long enough.
This brings us to Delaware. People in Delaware drive exactly like people in New York City- except they don't have that skill set that is needed to be able to successfully drive that way. Escalating matters, the complex that I spoke of earlier is mixed into Delawarean (again, a generalization) mindset. We noticed that Delaware drivers see each road trip as a NASCAR race. They have an irreversible lust to be at the front of every other car on the road. Each road trip is like a challenge for them to get to some imaginary finish line where they will be crowned with the title of "Biggest, Baddest Driver in all the Land." Whatsupwitdat?
Don't get me wrong I'm a car guy. I love sports cars. I used to drive my sports cars fast. But I did so smartly. It absolutely amazes me that my four mile commute to work is more hazardous than being trapped in a room with Sally Struthers and having a twinkie in your pocket...
I just don't get it...