Monday, January 03, 2005

The post holiday crash...

Now it's set in. That time of year that I hate. It's really not fair but we do it to ourselves every year. First you have Thanksgiving. The family gets together and eats and argues and yada yada yada. But hey, it's still a holiday and generally you're excited because it signals that Christmas is just around the corner. So for the entire month of December (actually for guys, just like 3 days before Xmas) you get all pumped up over getting ready for Christmas and that carries right over to New Years. Right about now most of us are on some kind of subconscious high that just seems to be recognized as "the holiday spirit". But what happens after New Years? I'll tell you exactly what happens. You roll over and ask the girl laying next to you who the hell she is! I'M KIDDING! I am SO kidding, calm down. I'm not a pig like that. You (most of us) go back to work and mope around because there's nothing to look forward to but more work.

That's how my day went today. Everyone came back in to work, and with the emotion of an earthworm, managed to muster their "good mornings" to each other. I sat in my office starring at the computer screen trying to muster every ounce of energy not to doze off. The only thing that I had to look forward to was knowing that I have 2 movies from Netflix in my mailbox. Oh yeah! Looks like tv dinner and a movie for me tonight!