Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Isn't that ironic, don't ya think...

The world works in mysterious ways.

I had just finished reading about how Brian is starting his new job soon ( congrats again, btw) when the phone rang. I looked at the ID and it was my friend/supervisor from the firm I want to work with.

"I have good news."

I immediately took a quick, deep breath.

"We should have a letter out to you with an offer by the end of the week."

A world of weight instantly lifted off my shoulders. He explained what was taking so long and even gave me a potential start date. April 11th.

So it would seem that April 11th is now officially recognized as "Start Day" by more than one employer. Maybe I should suggest that we declare it a national holiday and we'd all get off of work for it? Wait... I guess that would defeat the point.

Although this phone call was certainly a welcomed relief, I've learned many times in my life that NOTHING is certain but death and taxes. So I'm not doing any celebrating until I have that letter in my grasps.

After that, it's getting locked up in the case I'm buying for my solved Rubik's Cube.