Tuesday, January 25, 2005

When nerds go wild...

So I just finished up with Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow. How bizarre, how bizarre. There are a few reasons why I wanted to see this movie. (other than Paltrow, and Jolie) For starters, this was the first movie (I think) to be filmed entirely in front of a green screen. That requires tremendous adaptation by the cast due to the fact that there are little or no props and the actors have no idea of their environment other than what's written on the script. In fact, I was reading that the actors didn't have a clue what the movie even looked like until they saw it at the premiere.

I'm very surprised at the star caliber that they were able to land for this movie given the screenplay. It's as if some nerdy screenwriter put Casablanca, War of the Worlds, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Buck Rogers into an industrial strength paper shredder and then glued the pieces together and WA-LA! Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

I guess I was expecting a bit more, given the star power and hype, but all in all, it was mildly entertaining.