Wednesday, January 19, 2005



So I had a talk with some guy interview with a potential employer today about that job I've been ranting getting excited about lately. It was quite odd. What employer comes to your current place of work to ask your current boss if it's going to cause waves if he were to hire me? Then after that's all simmered down, he comes in my office, and proceeds to tell me about what responsibilities I would have if I came to work for him. I very abruptly interrupted him and suggested we duck in to a more private conference room. I don't need the rest of my coworkers knowing my business.

He tells me that they're very excited about me selling my soul coming aboard. Whoa nelly! I haven't agreed to anything yet there, pardner. I tell him that I'm not signing a damn thing until I see some numbers I'd like to discuss the situation further in a formal interview and not at my current place of employment. He agreed.


I received an email from a friend today that encouraged me to "remember the firm handshake," and that there's "nothing like a pansy handshake to ruin the whole deal." Now, in my lifetime I've shaken a lot of hands, from men and women, young and old. I can still remember my grandfather showing me how to "shake hands like a man". He would tell me that a firm grip shows your character. That's all well and good, but I think this mentality has skipped some generations and has gaps in it's cult following. You can never tell if someone is a "hard shaker", a "moderate/firm shaker", or a "pansy shaker" as my friend put it. Nowadays, you reach in to shake someone's hand and you either end up crushing their palm because the pressure is not reciprocated, or you reach in, expecting to apply moderate pressure and your hand becomes the crushie. And heaven forbid you get a "hard shaker" that uses both hands like their playing tug-o-war with your shoulder. Geesh. Calm down buddy, I write with that hand.

Fortunately, for me, I had shaken hands with this gentleman before, so during the little talk, I simply accessed my "handshake file" in my brain and remembered that this man believed in the firm shake.

That's my kind of boss, I thought, as I returned the appropriate shake.


Stay tuned...