Monday, May 09, 2005

I see trees of green, red roses too...

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I've had a few people ask me how I like my new job, so I thought I take a moment and blog a little about it. I'm not going to get into too much detail due to the nature of the worker/client confidentiality thing.

If I had to sum up the new experience with one word, it would be "relief". I feared that jumping out into the private sector, would be a shock to my system. I thought that it was going to be a whole new world of "in your face" work that would swallow me up like quicksand. I feared that it was going to be too much to handle too soon.

As it turns out, I couldn't ask for a better position to be in. Until our office opens up on June 1st in Newark, DE, I'm working from home. And as nerdy as I am, I have a full suite of tech toys to make my every work day sail by with ease.

Take now for instance. It's 72 degrees out and I'm sitting out on my patio, a cool breeze blowing, and I'm listening to the birds chirp. The annoying college kids have gone home. All while doing work of course. I'm checking my emails, typing up documents, and participating in conference calls all from the serenity of my lounge chair. Feet up and drinkin' a coke. It's even so nice out that Cujo isn't barking constantly. And that my friends, is a straight up miracle.

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My workload varies right now. It's certainly a different kind of work than I used to do. I'm used to being a hands-on GIS analyst. There was no problem I couldn't solve. I was the "go-to" guy. Now I just do more of a knowledge transfer type of thing. I help those in need of GIS work to either learn it, or give them the tools to make their jobs easier through it. Without detailing projects I can say that I've got my hands in a few things, but I've been directed to enjoy the "downtime" because the deluge of work will begin very shortly.

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And that is advice that I'm taking to heart. *Cheers*