Monday, May 02, 2005

Shiny, happy people...

I had to go to Philadelphia today. We have an office there. It's on the top floor of the building with a nice little view of Love Park, where I ate lunch and people-watched.

People-watching is underrated by the way.

I envy those people. The fast-paced life. It amazes me how two cities can be less than 100 miles from each other, yet be completely opposite.

A part of me wants to move to a big city. That part of me that enjoys not having to drive anywhere or being able to satisfy my urge for a weird food at 3am and not only have it available, but not have to go and get it. The lights. The energy. Not seeing the same people on my commute every day. (You'd be amazed how many times I've seen certain strangers in what used to be my 4 mile commute.)

Of course, the other part of me that doesn't enjoy being mugged, smelling urine as I walk down the street or looking over my shoulder every five seconds because the shady guy behind me is violating my personal space as I walk, is happy here in Delaware...