Friday, May 06, 2005

Reality "Bytes"

So ends another week of reality TV.

And my no-life having ass watched every bit of it. Let's get started...

"You shall not make for yourself an idol..." Commandment #4, Standard American Edition of the Bible

I normally don't post about reality shows, with the exception of a few times, but I thought this week was cause for celebration. America's favorite thug, Scott Savol was FINALLY given the boot from American Idol. (there is a God). Scott's fanbase now has the luxury of putting their voting muscle behind one of 4 remaining contestants. My guess is they support the other criminal.

However, if I were Emperor of the World, and someday I shall be, Carrie would be my wife take the whole shebang. Vegas scorekeepers listen up. The finishing order is as follows: 1. Carrie, 2. Vonzel, 3. Bo, 4. Anthony.

Place your bets.

"We're doing 60 Minutes because we're too old for "Survivor" and "Star Search." - Bill Clinton

After last weeks demise of local favorite Survivor, Stephenie, I was a little bummed out. Who was I going to stare at root for now? Well this weeks show rejuvinated me.

I don't really dislike anyone who's left, which is odd, I normally have a person to direct my hatred toward. However, I was a bit perturbed that Gregg and Jen (who does not look 32 btw)were in power and it didn't look like anyone could stop them. Enter Caryn.

As they said on the show last night Caryn deserves an Academy Award. In an effort to shift power, three castaways aligned and devised one of the best covert plots I've ever seen on Survivor. A plot in which Caryn was tasked with acting like she knew she was going home. And she played the part like a veteran actor. Bravo Caryn. Bravo.

As a result of Caryn's portrayal of Ms. TakeMyBallAndGoHome, the Gregg and Jen alliance was busted completely flooring each of them.

You see, that is what I love about reality shows. When someone gets double-crossed. You just can't fake the shock that the two of those guys had last night. In my book, it ranks right up there with Johnny Fairplay's dead grandmother.

Well, that's all you get for now. Hopefully Ryan Seacrest won't sue me when I say...

Delawarean out!