Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kal-le-for-nee-ia (the good parts)

Holy jet lag batman.

My mind and my body are in two different places from changing time zones like eight times in the past three weeks. Ah... Where to start?

Well, I guess I can start by saying that Sacramento is a pretty cool city. I give it a B+ on the paten pending Del world traveler city rating scale. It has all the workings of a bustling city like Philadelphia, but seems to be much more relaxed and sprawled.

Just next to the State Capitol building, and nestled in amongst all of the other State office buildings is Capitol Park.

This this park is filled with memorials and dedications to various groups or individuals, many of which I had the pleasure of walking past each day.

One of the more moving memorials was the Vietnam Memorial.

While I have to admit that I have seen sculptures with more emotion, I had to stop and think that maybe that's exactly what the point of these were. To display the shell-shocked, drained, and confused feeling. Almost desperation.

The memorial itself was very informative and conveyed a lot of information about the war itself. Around the outer wall, very much reminiscent of the Vietnam Wall in DC, were the names of the fallen or missing from CA.

Continuing on through the park, I came upon another memorial dedicated to the CA firefighters.

Another very handy aspect of this park is the fact that the vegetation was like a melting pot of hundreds of species of trees, bushes and flowers. I'd be looking at a palm tree and turn around and there would be some sort of exotic Cyprus tree. Each plant in the entire park was labeled for the public. What an excellent idea.

So onward I pushed. Toward the Capitol.

Meeting after meeting. Handshake after handshake. Keystroke after keystroke. And a trip to Sacramento would not be complete if I didn't take a moment and grab a photo-op with the Governator...

(of course I had to blur out my face to maintain the anonymity of this blog...)

All sounds peachy right? I'll post the shitty stuff later when I have more time.