Sunday, February 26, 2006

Now, I'm a believer...

You may be wondering where I've been since it snowed. Or you may not. Most likely not.

I turned into a sheep.

I was induced by my work though. Honestly. I tried not to conform. I tried not to buckle under the pressure. But in the end, the dark side was just too powerful.

I bought an iPod.

You see, it's not my fault entirely. I won this award at work, which presented me with a $100 gift certificate to Circuit City. Then, on a recent trip, I sat next to a guy on a plane that was watching shows that he had TiVo-ed on his iPod. So I began to weigh my options. And being the music and movie lover that I am, I caved. But it didn't stop there.

Shortly after buying an iPod you are presented with a number of little "surprises". The first, which I got a tremendous kick out of, was the big PSA plastered across the plastic wrap on the iPod itself that boldly tells the user "DON'T STEAL MUSIC".

Oh, ok, Mr. Jobs, I'll keep that in mind as I'm loading songs from my XXXGB (yes, that's GB, and yes, that's triple digits) repository. (And as far as any law enforcement agency is concerned that figure is 000GB, all of which was bought and paid for ;P)

The next little surprise is the fact that this beautifully crafted piece of technology would be found in any CSI's kit due to the fact that no matter what you touch on it, you're leaving a big fat smudge mark. I don't care how clean your hands are. And don't even get me started on the chrome back. Take a picture when you first open it, because it will never look that good again.

This is why everyone and their brother makes skins for it. So I began to research skins (or iSkins), and I found that evidently it wasn't enough that I paid $300 for the pod, I would have to pay another 10-40 for a damn skin to protect it. Of all the reviews, I came to the conclusion that the evo3 from iSkins was about the best as far as protection, looks, and usability go. It arrived and I'm VERY happy with it. I think I could take this thing scuba diving now.

So I loaded some songs and movies and audiobooks in preparation for my next flight and I could not be happier. The video quality should win Apple an award for innovation. Even more impressive is the fact that on a 30GB iPod, I have 4 full DVDs, 2 seasons of TV shows, over 2,000 songs, a few audio books, and some pictures and I've only reached just over 15GB. Compile all of that with the fact that it synchronizes with my Outlook calendar and contacts and I was thoroughly impressed.

I used to rip Apple and iPod users for being trendy. For trying to just look cool. But no more. My XM Radio, that I bought just last May, will now be deactivated and possibly be put on eBay. I haven't used it since. It is the red-headed step-child of the iPod.

And much like my American Express card, I don't leave home without it.

PS- Next flight: 6:30 am out of BWI to Jackson. My alarm clock is set for 2:30am.