Sunday, January 16, 2005

A part of me...

I'd like to share with you, a certain hobby of mine. My eternal fascination with photography. You'll need the Macromedia Flash Plugin to view the little scrapbook I threw together. It's just a hobby, but I enjoy it. It takes my mind off of the hassles of work. I mostly enjoy shooting nature shots and whatnot, as you can probably tell. But nevertheless, a digital camera is usually hiding within a few hundred feet of me at all times. I've learned a lot about technique and patience from my friend Wendy and I pray for the day that my photographic eye is as good as hers. But as with anything, you don't get better unless you practice... Enjoy!

PS- I'm having some HTML/JS brain fart right at the moment, and Blogger doesn't want me to put my Flash player in the entry column so just click on the "Enjoy" link above. Grrr... I really don't feel like redesigning the whole site for this...but I might just to prove my