Thursday, March 10, 2005

Psychological Warfare...

Why is it that people tend to say one thing and do another? I'm not talking about lying. I'm talking about not doing something that you say you're going do. For example, people say I'll be there at 8:30. Then they show up sometime around 9:30. Why didn't they just say 9:30? Another classic example is politics. I can't even begin to count how many politicians say one thing and do another.

Or a better example even yet. You have a great interview with a company, who upon the conclusion, tells you that they'll call you early next week with an offer. Now here I sit, waiting. And waiting. If said company wasn't really going to call me this week, then why not just tell me that? Why not SAY what they were actually going to DO?

I mean, it's a very simple concept. Can you imagine how much better off the entire world would be if everyone would just do what they say they were going to do?

For example:

Iran: "We are building nuclear weapons because
we harbor terrorist. There are no plans for power
generation whatsoever."

Men: "Honey, I'll mow the lawn and do the dishes after I
watch the football game. So long as there's not anything else on
mildly entertaining after this."

Women: "Every time I get upset, there's really nothing
you can do. I just enjoy dragging you into my misery by
making you think it's your fault somehow."

Auto Mechanics: "Well, your transmission is fine. We just
added more fluid. However, we're going to have to charge
the full $1,530 because we're a dealer and we have a
reputation for overcharging for time and parts."

Doctors: "I'm not really sure what the hell is wrong with
you, however I get kickbacks from this medical company so
I'm going to prescribe this. It's got some nasty side effects,
so don't go driving anything big."

State Appointed Officials: (you had to see this coming)
"I'm going to look like an ass in the public's eye if I don't
hurry up and overreact to a situation that I don't
fully understand. I think I'll just fire a group of hard workers
for a reason that I think is just. I'm sure it won't come back to
bite me later on when I make a run for Governor."

See, it's really not that difficult...