Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just a little off the top, please...

So I'm sitting here watching TV and I hear the random Air Force cargo plane fly over. (My place is in the flight path of Dover Air Force Base.) I'm used to hearing fast and slow moving aircraft overhead all the time. I've learned to tune most of them out. I started playing a little game with myself and I'll try and guess the type of plane, cargo or fighter.

Tonight, however, was different. I first noticed it and I thought it was directly over my place. However the noise got louder. And louder. And louder. My building started to vibrate. The noise bellowed. My attention was peaked. Honestly, I was getting a bit concerned.

This noise was now INTENSE. Pictures were rattling against the walls, loose change was moving across the counter. The ground was shaking. I was very concerned. This plane, was not were it should have been. At least not where I thought it should have been.

I opened the door to my patio, and the noise was even more intense that I imagined it would be. I looked up because I seriously thought a cargo plane was about to slam into my apartment. For a split second, I thought I was going to die.

Sometime between my life flashing before my eyes, and my college diploma falling off the wall, the LOWEST FLYING, LOUDEST, LARGEST aircraft cleared the roof of my building. What I saw was one of these:

And I could see the tread on the landing gear as it flew over me. I shit you not. I'm really surprised that it cleared Dover Downs Hotel / casino.
In any case, it was more than enough to get my adrenaline flowing for the day. *Whew!*
Note to Dover AFB: Please don't EVER, ever, ever, ever, do
that again. Ever. Thanks, Del.