Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Human Potential

I have decided that what this blog needs is a gimmick. Advertising executives will tell you that a catchy gimmick can make or break a product. And after surfing the blogsphere for a while, and reading some quality blogs, I noticed that some have rather catchy gimmicks.

For example, Tara has Fortune Cookie Fridays. One of my favorite reads each week. Janet, over at the AOGB has Tell it to me Tuesday, where she gathers readers input on different subjects each week.

This is what I'm missing (excluding writing talent). So I have decreed that from today forward, each Wednesday shall be "Words of Wisdom Wednesday". Each Wednesday I will pull an excerpt from one the many books, magazines, newspapers, or internet sites I come across and share it with fellow bloggers. I will do my best to make each excerpt as uplifting and inspirational as possible. So let's get started shall we?

The human potential movement is big business in the Northwest. They sell millions in books, lectures, seminars, and counseling groups. All of a sudden we have permission to look at ourselves.

We used to call it narcissism or selfishness, but now self-esteem has more credibility. People are beginning to realize that self-knowledge is not an end in itself. It's for the purpose of better relationships, so that we can give to our community. You can give from overflow. It's very hard to give from emptiness.

The human potential movement encourages us to look at ourselves, examine our values, find out what's truly important to us, change destructive patterns. Some people are afraid; they don't want to take the risk. They think that if they look within, they're going to find some kind of monster. Ignorance is not bliss.

People who avoid self-knowledge cause a great deal of pain to themselves as well as to their families and friends. We now have the permission and some of the information to tap the potential within.

Take your own inner journey, just a few minutes each day.
- Dr. J. James