Friday, April 08, 2005

Rise of the machines...

Well, the "wise" folks at Comcast had their hands full today it seems. A trusted friend at Comcast tells me the problem was nationwide and that the entire network was hit with a massive DDoS attack. For those of you who don't speek nerd, that's Distributed Denial of Service. The attack brought their DNS Servers to a halt and those of you using Comcast most likely felt the ill effects.

I realize that this blog isn't the first place any of you would turn to for tech help but I can offer you this little tidbit in case this happens again.

The following is a list of backup DNS Servers that I use in the event somthing like this takes place. Most people have their network connections set to "auto detect", simply type one of these in the manual spot and go to town. Here you go. It wouldn't hurt to copy this little list and store it in a text file as I do in case of an Internet emergency. Enjoy...

The List

Verizon (Level3) Nameservers

SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS