Monday, April 04, 2005

Punch it Margaret...

Even though I don't start my new job until next Monday, I already have my marching orders.

Normally, I'd be attending the annual GIS-T conference right about now. In fact, a good number of the X's would be. Instead, I'll be filling out countless forms, receiving my "mobile office equipment", and enduring even more GIS training to refresh my memory/skills at building GIS webportals like this. (Note the date of that article. It's pretty government-like to flaunt a champion project once it's complete and dispose of it's core team creators, isn't it? It's nice to see I have been replaced but something I helped create.) ...But I'm still not bitter.

But anyway, back to my post.

I feel like a little old lady in her big car about to merge on to an 8 lane highway right now. I've been out of work for what will be close to two full months, and I'm feeling the need to try and prepare myself for actually working everyday again.

This may seem very simple to those of you who do work normal jobs, but I implore you to take two full months off and then try and jump back into a fast-paced, eat-or-be-eaten career. It takes an adjustment period. An adjustment period that I will not have the luxury of. Hell, I'll admit that I haven't gotten out of bed before 9:30 but once in the past TWO MONTHS. And that once was for the drive to Harrisburg for my interview.

I am, however, looking forward to lowering the Financial Alert Level down a few notches. This TP recycling program is getting a bit "stale".