Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The difference between fanatic and insanity...

...is a fine line.

Ok. Now I'm a Star Wars fan. And it just so happens that I've had a good block of time dedicated to not working. But I'll be damned if I'm standing in line for a good TWO MONTHS ahead of the opening for a freakin movie. I can understand wanting to see it opening night and standing in line, but for TWO MONTHS!?!?

Let's say you joined the line April 1st. Do you realize that by the time that opening day arrives, you will have spent 70,560 minutes of your life uselessly waiting around like a tool to sit and watch a movie that lasts on average, 120 minutes? You know what? I can WAIT until May 20th (the day after opening) and see it, spending ZERO time waiting in line.

Although the site claims it's for a good cause, which I can respect, you have to wonder about these people. In all seriousness, the people in this line are stereotypically the smartest people in our culture... go figure.