Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Where the deer and the cell phones both roam...

Greetings. The Delawarean is taking a vacation. Well, not your normal relaxing, have fun, type of vacation, but leaving Delaware for a little bit nonetheless.

During my freshmen year in college, my parents decided to up and move to Virginia from Pennsylvania without telling me. (I'm not kidding) I came home to visit one weekend and there was no furniture in my room. They said they're moving and selling everything, deal with it.

So they bought this pretty nice little place in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Situated on just under 40 acres of woods, their house is about a 30 minute drive, at best, to the nearest town. The driveway is dirt (go figure) after you turn off the paved road. You drive back the dirt road for almost 1,000 yards with embankments on both sides. During snow events my mother parks her car on the side of the road and walks up the driveway if she has to go to work because nothing less than a 4x4 will pass. But hey, to each their own. They treasure their privacy.

Although I must admit it's nice and peaceful there and I do enjoy wild animals constantly passing through the yard, I tend to get a bit bored. They only get 2 TV channels on a good weather day, no Internet access, and you can forget about cell phone signals. Complete solitude. Think Misery.

So they've requested my help in landscaping the yard. (Which I can never figure out because no one ever sees the house) Hence I will be traveling to VA, taking my time and doing some fun stuff for me along the way. I'm always in a rush when I visit. This time I'm smelling the roses.

I'll post pictures when I get back. I plan on revisiting some of my favorite spots on the way down. Spots like the National D-Day Memorial, hiking up the Blue Ridge Mountains, or enjoying the beauty of the Natural Bridge. I've been to all these places but never at my own leisure. Never really visiting them and just stopping to enjoy. It's always been "ok, that's done, let's go."

Now it's my turn. I'm taking this little getaway for ME. Because when I get back, it's back to work! Literally.

PS- Since I won't have Internet access I'm changing the video of the week today instead of Friday. Enjoy! Blog you when I get back!