Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are you happy now?

Due to OVERWHELMING inquiries by my readers (both of them ;P), I have decided that I MUST take a few minutes out of my busy day and post. So here's what I've been up to, the 5 minute version. Ok, maybe 10.

When I'm not sorting through the 8,000 viagra or fake Rolex emails I get each day, I'm usually tied up with work. Things have been getting REALLY busy lately and I've been putting in close to 11-12 hour days every day for quite a while now. I've also been traveling a lot for work and will continue to in the next few months. I don't mind it. It's allowing me to cross off the states on my life goal to visit all 50.

What IS getting kind of old is the fact that my social life and free time have been reduced to zero. Then I get the lines from friends and coworkers like "I'm going to set you up with so and so" or "you should give whatsherface a call". Oh sure, WTF? Maybe I can pencil them in sometime next APRIL! It really a good thing I don't have a family of my own to take care of. My wife would have left me, my kids would call me by my first name (or "that guy") and my dog would probably attack me like I was a burglar trying to rob my own house.

BTW, I'm also a little leary of the fact that I have a flight leaving for Mississippi on Sept. 11th. Not that I'm superstitious or anything.

In other news, because I am traveling so much now, I've all but canceled the house hunt. I don't even have time to do my dishes let alone visit, purchase, and maintain a house. So for now, I continue my long commute each day. I noticed Mike posted an odometer milestone the other day. Well, I'm all for friendly competition, so here's one I captured the other day on my Oregon Trail trek to work:

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Man is my Jeep dusty!
I have been trying to keep up with at least reading everyone's blogs. Especially the recent local newspapers. I'd also like to congratulate fellow Blogger Janet over at the AOGB. She recent pledged herself to a whole new level of Blog dedication by purchasing her own domain name. Rock on Janet! More power to you.

And NPR Jukie is moving into her new digs and picking out furniture for her ga-zillion cats to lay all over.

Sarah continues to enlighten us with great posts like this one. One of my personal favorites.

And last but certainly not least, the Stationary Queen is still blazing trails with her firey pen and witty banter.

It would seem that everyone else's life is so much different from mine. I look around and all I see are laptops and file folders, cell phones and paperwork. Even as I type this on a typical Saturday afternoon, I have my laptop sitting on the desk next to me and I'm compiling a document for my trip next week. It never ends.

So if you're looking for The Delawaren next week, my flight out of Baltimore (1.5 hours from my house) leaves at 6:20am on Monday morning. And remember what time you're supposed to arrive before your flight. Do the math. Ugh. And up until Thursday, I'll be right about here:
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