Saturday, June 25, 2005

I hate it when...

- I'm driving down the road and the person in front of me flicks their cigarette out the window and it hits my vehicle.

- I'm at the car wash washing my Jeep and a bird with a nest up in the rafters shits on my car while I'm washing it. (that happened to me today)

- people who are walking in a crowded place decide to just stop dead and begin a conversation.

- I'm trying to get home form work on a Friday evening and every license plate I see on the road is beach traffic from another state.

- Those flys that divebomb your head come out in the summer time.

- they raise the price of stamps and make me buy the extra 3 cent stamps just to use up my old ones.

- mildew tries to grow on my shower curtain.

- I reply "hi" to people only to realize that they are talking on a hand-free cell phone.

- the navigation system in my Jeep tells me to make a U-turn every 500 feet while I yell at it "SHUTUP!"

- it's 95 degrees out and sunny and it just downpours for no reason.

- people from other floors at work come to the floor my office is on to take a shit because it's generally not as busy. SHIT ON YOUR OWN FLOOR!

- movie sequels completely ruin a good original movie.

- my apartment complex has the pest control guy come in and spray everyone's place and then a few days later there are dead bugs everywhere.

- people sweat the little stuff. Just chill people.

- my family's birthday's are close to holidays and end up costing me a mint.

- I realize too late that I have nothing other than water in the fridge to drink.

- I spend more time than I need to in front of my computer bloging on beautiful days.