Thursday, June 30, 2005

If the package does not fit, you must acquit.

Say what you will, but the United States Postal Service and I do not get along. Never have. Probably never will.

The vigilant Ebayer that I am, has allowed me to hone my skills and save tons of money on things that I would have paid fortunes for in stores. Most have been things like electronics, auto parts, collectibles and underwear. (kidding)

So I figured what better way to accessorize my Jeep than eBay? I went searching for a nice license plate frame to replace the cheap plastic dealer advertised one and found this:

Pretty spiffy huh? That's chrome AND engraved! Bling-bling.

So I pay for it and the seller sends me an email saying it's been shipped like the good little Ebayer his feedback says he is. And I wait in anticipation of Pimping my Ride. And I fully realize that not a pimped ride does a license plate frame make, but I really can't stand free advertising for dealers. (This is why I remove all stickers or free crap they give you ASAP.)

A week passes and nothing.

I email the seller and ask him for a tracking number. He supplies it and I learn the Post Office has delivered it 10 days ago. Hmm.

So I call up the Post Office and talk to my carrier. He says that whenever there's a package that won't fit in my mailbox, he sets it on my patio. That's fine. However he usually leaves a little note saying "PACKAGE ON PORCH" so I know to look. I informed him that I never got a note and he never remembered delivering anything lately to "the guy with the big fish tank" as he calls it. (Which is sort of creepy because, you can see my aquarium through the window, but I don't need him peering in here.)

So this leads me back to my point. One of two things happened; A) He delivered the package and someone stole it from my porch, or B) it's still floating around the mail system in Alaska or Fiji. (And you can believe that the first place I checked was everyone's Jeeps that lived around me for a fancy frame- because yes, my neighbors are that stupid to actually display it.)

So my question is: What kind of feedback do I leave the seller on eBay? I paid for, but never received my purchase. However it wasn't his fault. He did his part.

I'm thinking that he mailed the package. If it didn't fit in my mailbox, that's not his fault. If the package doesn't fit, you must acquit.

I'm thinking "Neutral" feedback? What do you think?