Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Half the fun is getting there...

Whoever said that obiviously hasn't ever left their home.

I'm in Mississippi right now. Only by luck I think. I'm relaxed now. That wasn't the case yesterday though. Let's go back.


It's 3:00am on Monday morning. I get up, get ready, and am out the door by 4:00am. My flight leaves at 6:20am. I drive from Dover to BWI Airport and pull into the parking lot at 5:45am. I walk in to the terminal at exactly 6:00am, a full 20 minutes before my flight is scheduled to leave. (I know this is not the standard "arrive an hour before your flight" rules but hey, I still made it. I walk over to the rapid check in counter, like always, and input my information. The screen tells me that it cannot check me in and to ask for assistance. The very rude Delta employee comes over and tells me that I've "missed" my flight.

What do you mean? It's only 6 o'clock.

Well, due to the cancellations from the bad weather in Atlanta, we're forced to book people on other flights. And since you weren't here 30 minutes prior to departure we gave away your seat. I can't check you in.

You did what???

Now keep in mind that you can't get mad in an airport. Because, if you get mad, you get thrown out.

The Delta dude tells me to go use the "Delta Direct" phone which is where you can book another flight - maybe. So my reply is why do I want to book another flight when MY FLIGHT HASN'T TAKEN OFF YET. I NEED TO GET TO MISSISSIPPI BY NOON!

By the time I was done debating the Delta asswipe, my flight had, in fact, left. Long story short, the only option I had to get there the same day was 3 hours later and over $700 more. Saying a few choice words to myself I took the flight, checked in my bag and headed off to security.

Standing in line, I'm going through my pockets making sure I've taken everything out like a good little passenger when I hear someone behind me say (are you ready for this? I shot you not)

Hey, did you leave your bombs at home?

Thinking to myself, you can't be THAT stupid. And yes, I did hear him right.

Over walks security and they quarantined the area. About 40 of us waiting in the queue were carted off to a separate room and asked questions and given a VERY through pat-down. The jokester was ejected from the airport which is good, because I probably would have killed him if the others in line didn't get to him first. That whole production caused more people to miss their flights and created even more of a mess.

*End Flashback*

Hell. Pure hell. Nothing quite like being two hours late for a meeting with important clients.

So after all that I finally got to Mississippi and checked in to our Hotel. I've never stayed in a Homewood Suite before. It's pretty snazzy. Check out my room:

I highly recommend it. Just like home. They even give you microwave popcorn and FREE BEER when you check it. That's right, open bar at check in! Rock on. I needed it after my day.

Hopefully the journey home won't be as bad. I need to go finish my popcorn now...