Saturday, August 27, 2005

If mileage were money, I'd be rich

This weeks destination is the beautiful State of Virginia. Oh no, I'm not going home for a visit. I'm going to conduct some ESRI software training on site for a client. And the bummer is that I don't even get any sky miles out of this one. No folks, we're going on a road trip. Lucky for me, I'm not using my Jeep. I go bankrupt just buying gas. That and every time I get in it tells me my oil needs changed by displaying it on the overhead console and chiming. At which point I yell at it and say "I KNOW, I KNOW. AS SOON AS I GET TIME DAMMIT! YOU'RE A JEEP! SUCK IT UP!"

We have a love-hate relationship.

I have confirmed that I will not have to fly on September 11th. *Whew.* Instead my flight is a repeat of my early flight to MS last week. Hopefully it will go a little smoother this time.

I don't mind driving on long road trips but for me, being a passenger kind of sucks. Because I can't just go to sleep. You see, when I was younger I was driving with my step father and had fallen asleep. I awoke to the sound of screeching tires, crinkling metal, and a seat belt carving in to my chest. Yes, we were in an accident. Fortunately no one was killed. But I did break my collar bone and a little girl in the other vehicle had a superficial head scrape form hitting the windshield. She was not wearing her seatbelt and was very lucky. It was like waking up from a nightmare only to find out it wasn't a nightmare after all and it was real. It really is a miracle that I haven't spent a dime on therapy for all the crap I've been through.

Ever since that day, I won't let myself fall asleep while someone else is driving. I've even tried. Hard. No success. And I'm not one to take sleeping pills. Never have been. I figure that if I can't fall asleep naturally, then I'm not that tired after all. But sometimes you just want to, in order to pass the time.

So if you're looking for me next week, I'll be right here:

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