Friday, August 19, 2005

You know you're busy when...

You come back from a business trip and find that you have no power in your apartment because with all the other things on your mind, you forgot to pay the power bill.

I walked in and thought, hmm, it's awful quiet in here. And warm. Then I looked at my fish tank and noticed the filters were not running. I realized the power was out but didn't think twice because the power goes out here at random everytime someone slams into a power poll at the intersection out front of my place.

Then I looked around and remembered seeing that my neighbor had power as I walked by.

Then it hit me. Sonofabitch.

I walked back to my desk and sure enough, there's the power bill hanging where I keep the bills. So due to my oversight, I had the luxury of paying another $50 in a reconnection fee to be able to type here now. And naturally, they just can't ADD the $60 I forgot to pay to my next months bill. That would be too damn convenient and customer friendly.

The ironic part is that, work on my mind caused me to forget about the power bill, which I need to pay so that the power stays on and I can do more work this weekend.

It's a vicious cycle.