Thursday, September 22, 2005

Staring down a bullet...

We'll folks. I'm in deep shit.

Breaking news tells me that I can no longer fly home. They're shutting down GWB airport at noon, but aren't accepting any inbound flight- even if you connect and fly right back out. I'm on the phone as I type, trying to re-route my ass around this country to get back home before this damn storm blows me away.

The best part is, the mass exodus from Houston is sending everyone toward me and naturally I have to be out of my hotel room by tomorrow morning.

(do you see what I mean about my luck?)

Here's what I think. I think everytime our technology detects a killer hurricane coming toward the US - something that would cause massive loss of life and property - the U.S. should be permitted to launch a tactical nuke into the eye and detonate that damn thing. Something just powerful enough to disrupt the pressure systems causing the storms. Sure you'd have to worry about fallout and environmental issues, but at least you could worry about them in a house that's still standing!

Anyway, back to my problem. (Did I mention this sucks?)

Some random thoughts going through my head:

  • Maybe I should find a laundry mat here before I begin to stink since I only have a limited amount of clothing.
  • Can I, in fact, recreate the scene from Forrest Gump by jogging all the way home?
  • Can I pawn my company laptop for a plane ticket? (psst... wanna buy a laptop?)
  • Can I blame this mishap on George Bush? After all, it's HIS airport that's screwing me.
  • I should be exempt from traveling for work for a LONG time.
  • Since I am a daily user of Bill Gate's software, I think he should help me out a bit here.
  • Is there any company left in the world that I can speak to a REAL PERSON if I have a problem?


This blows. Literally.