Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mr. 5000

In just under a year of frequent blogging, this crappy little blog has reached 5,000 hits. Sure I might be responsible for 3,604 of them but hey, a hit is a hit. I know I'm not reaching the heights of most of the blogs I read, but it brings a little glimmer of light to this shady little corner of the Web.

In other statistic news, I have a perplexing stat that I'm not sure if I should be proud of or not. We all know that Google is the most powerful entity in the digital universe. So should I be honored that an photograph that I took shows up 8th on a Google image search? Of all the images in the world, billions and billions, I get number 8. Under normal circumstances, I'd be proud, but the search that returns this image is sadly the words:

"Fallen Soldier" (CAUTION clicking this link directs you to Google's images search and returns a series of images. Some of which may be gruesome).

I stumbled on this by monitoring my referring links to this blog and noticed about twice a week this particular image was directing people here.

There are any number of high-ranking images that I should be known for. Like "Mr. Universe", "God's gift to women" or "smartest man alive." That sort of thing.

(I also find it ridiculous that Google's Blogger, doesn't recognize "Google" or "Blog" in its spell check.)