Friday, November 18, 2005

Rules of Existence

There certain things that make any given person shudder. Not necessarily gross or obscene, but things that just don't fit normality. It different for everybody. I'm a big movie fan and for me, one of those things is actually seeing the voiceover people.

You live all your life hearing movie trailer after movie trailer and those guys sound so cool and unreal that even though you know they are real, something in my mind blocks that out. It's like a Rule of Existence. Those voiceover guys only exist in movies. No one is supposed to actually see them.

So you can imagine my state of confusion when I saw this video clip that actually puts the industry's top 5 voiceover guys in 1 limo. Watch it once, then if you don't get it close your eyes and listen to them. I'll bet you can name movies that they've done trailers for.

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