Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A day "almost 5 years" in the making...

Oh, today is a happy day. Why you ask? Because karma is coming back around.

Let me clear this one thing up right now. Cancer has taken more members of my family than I care to count, and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. (Ok, maybe Osama bin Laden or his slacky Abu Whatshisface) So it's always sad to hear that someone is diagnosed with it-IF that is really the case. (Hey, I'm just sayin'.)

BUT, I am happy because the Department of Transportation employees can finally get back to business as it was a few years ago without worrying about losing jobs for stupid reasons, tyrannical dictators, or just about any other bull shit that might impede progress.

Mark my words, productivity will continue to rise. Employees will begin to enjoy coming to work again. In time, funding issues will be resolved - because now, the smart leadership that should be running the place can have their words heard without fear of retribution.

I hear parties are already being planned. Is this the DelDOT phoenix I see rising from the ashes? Is the golden age of transportation just around the bend?

To that I say: Be careful guys, you still have one more egg to count before they hatch...