Saturday, January 14, 2006

Snow Business

Here's a thought; Is it ever going snow this year? Seriously, this is getting rediculous. Every time I buy a 4x4, the following winter is weak and pitiful. It's 55 degrees in January, WTF? I swear, if I bought a new 4x4 each year, I'd never see snow again in my life. I swear I'm starting to believe those global warming freaks.

I'm from northern PA. Snow doesn't scare me. Where I'm from, a snowstorm wouldn't even make the local weather/news broadcast. If it didn't measure over 6 inches nobody even cared. It never fails to amaze me that Delawareans panic when it comes to snow. Expecially given that they're not that far from the massive snowfalls of PA. You'd think by now, God forbid, some of them would even learn to drive in it.

I am even further perplexed by this because there are a great deal of rednecks in this state. You know, good ol' boys. And rednecks can usually drive anything. Especially if it involves having a sticker of Calvin pissing on something. (Because we all know how powerful his urine is.)

Ok, enough venting. Back to work, then off to visit the Arch. Pics to follow.