Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Liberty, Happiness and the pursuit of a Life?

Happy 4th of July.

To celebrate this holiday, I went out and bought myself another new toy. Because that's my excuse. It was a holiday.

I recently had to buy a new personal cell phone because my "old" one, which was about two years old, just up and died. So being the techie I am, I made sure I got all the bells and whistles. The one thing that was vital for me was having Bluetooth capability. So naturally, I got a Bluetooth headset so I can walk around airports and be cool like everyone else who looks like their talking to themselves but really have headsets on.

This is not the toy that I'm referring to though. I am so hooked on Bluetooth technology that I just had to buy this:

Now this, my friends, makes me happy. A Bluetooth keyboard and rechargable lithium-ion mouse with hotswapping capabilities allow me to share them between my desktop and laptop with ease. I am no longer forced to sit in uncomfortable chairs or type with a hot laptop sitting on my lap. The mouse is an MX white laser. It's like a turbo-charged optical mouse that I can operate on just about any surface. To test this claim, I've put the mouse on just about everything and it works just fine.

The left side of the keyboard has touch sensitive controls to support my electronic crack habit, iTunes. While you're using iTunes, (or whatever media player) the song names scroll across the digital display on the keyboard. Email notifications also show up there.

So as I said, this makes me "happy". At least for a while. And we all know I already have the Liberty...

So that just leaves me in search of a Life. (Tell me something I didn't know.)