Sunday, July 02, 2006


There are several things in life that are severely underestimated. Sleeping in ones own bed is one of them.

When you travel from hotel to hotel it starts to just become the norm that each night you will be eating fast food, over paying for snacks from a vending machine, falling asleep to some free HBO channel movie that you've already seen but watch anyway because there's nothing on the other 5 channels the hotel gets.

When you do finally fall asleep, it won't be soundly. The air conditioning unit will kick on and off every 10 minutes and bring you out of whatever deep sleep you almost entered. And you never will get the temperature to hit the same setting that you have at home. You toss and turn because it's just a smidgen to warm or you pull the cheap hotel sheets over you and they just don't feel right.

In a lot of ways my job resembles that of a prostitute. No, seriously.

  • I'm in a different bed each night.
  • I'm responsible for making my clients happy, no matter what.
  • I'm extremely tired right after work; drained physically and mentally.
  • I have to make sure that I'm good at what I do because there's a lot of competition out there.
  • I have no plans for where I'll be eating my next meal. There's no time for cooking.
  • I'm often in a different car to get to wherever my actual work is going to take place.
  • For the stuff I put up with, the money is not that great.
  • I will probably "wear out" in 5-7 years.

See I told you. Me love you long time...