Saturday, August 19, 2006

Size does matter

I'm happy to announce that due to the kick-ass team of coworkers I have here in Delaware, my office is growing. My company already has offices all over the country but, we only opened this office June of 2005, and already we are expanding. And each and everyone of us busts our asses in that office. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how many hours I actually put it. Now multiply that for everyone in my office. I can honestly say we have the best GIS team in the entire company. It makes my job easier knowing that I have developers that can back up the promises I make to clients.

Anyway, back to the expansion. I have been somewhat responsible for overseeing this effort. Fortunately for us, the office space directly next to our current office is empty, so all it's going to take is a little demolition and construction (which is actually about 70% complete). But perhaps the best part about this is that since we needed walls built, we could essentially pick the size of our individual offices.

(Insert ear-to-ear grin here.)

Sooooo... I did what any normal person who wants a comfortable working space would do. I made my office big enough to play full court basketball in! Seriously, it's freakin' huge. But, I'm not the boss (yet). So I had to make his just a tad bit bigger than mine. (office envy) I have windows stretching the length of the whole office, but he has floor to ceiling windows and a corner office. So essentially he has no outside walls. He could also put a pool table, a hot tub and a wetbar in there if he wanted to.

And as for the others who worked equally as hard as I did? Well they got nice windowed offices too. You won't find a single cubicle in my office. Not as long as I have any say about it. Cubicles are the anti-Christ.

Now I just have to find some nice young, hip, trendy office furniture to simulate that Google-type working atmosphere so we can create the next Google Earth.