Thursday, September 07, 2006


Plain and simple.

I Netflixed the movie United 93 and watched it tonight. I'm not one that usually gets choked up over movies. In fact, I've never actually shed a tear over any movie that I can remember. I'm just not like that. Half the theater could be sobbing and it really just never hit me like that.

After United 93, I had tears in my eyes. My heart was beating faster. And I ended up with a headache from the emotions it generated.

Never before have I experienced a movie that pulled me in so much. Every single thing about this movie was absolutely perfect. In a day and age where movies like Million Dollar Baby wins best picture. (seriously, it was just OK) this movie had better win that and everything else it had better be nominated for.

The score was perfect. The cinematography was perfect. The acting was perfect. The script was perfect. The respect that this story needed was there.

This movie is excellence in filmmaking. Hollywood take notes. (I'm looking at you Michael Bay.)