Monday, January 31, 2005


In two days I will be free, if only for a day.

I will take a day to myself, and breathe deep.

I will travel to distant lands, and interact with the natives.

I will knowingly make an ass out of myself, and not care one bit.

Because I will be unplugged from anything that resembles technology. And I will absorb all of it.

There really is nothing quite like standing at the top of a mountain and taking a deep breath. Like a long lost friend, the sun comes out to catch up on lost time. It's been far too long. As I do whenever I get to get away from it all, I will stand there for a moment, off to the side, and just take it all in. Save the moment.

I will enjoy this trip especially because I know it might be the last with this group of people. Some I call friends, others just colleagues. But even still, they all have a common goal; to forget work for a day. To unplug, and let the moment carry us away...