Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On the road again...

Well here I am. Out of town again.

I feel like Edward Norton's character in Fight Club. Me and all my "single-serving friends".

It's a weird feeling I get every time I travel. I check in , walk into my room, and drop my luggage. The very next thing I do is survey the room to make sure all the little single-serving freebees are there. You know, the little bottles of shampoo and free packets of coffee. I never use them, but I do take them with me when I leave. I'm paying for them, you're damn straight I'm leaving with them. I store them in my guest bathroom at home in case the visitors that I never have need to use them. I've got quite the collection. I should open a spa.

Another thing I do is check behind all the objects on the wall. No, don't worry, I'm not some paranoid wacko that thinks there are hidden cameras. I am hoping to one day find a "Secret Wall Tattoo". Take a look at that site. I'll bet you look the next time you stay in a hotel.

The view out of my room window is of Jaguar dealership. I wonder if they'd notice if I "swapped" them for a Chevy Blazer?