Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm a list maker...

Things to do:

1. Watch Multiplicity repeatedly until I figure out just how to clone myself. If this fails, resort to the 6th Day.

2. Watch X-men again and figure out how Storm controls the weather so I don't feel bad staring at a computer screen on beautiful days.

3. Put a camera in my truck so I can take a picture every day of the car in front of me on Route 1 that won't get out of the PASSING lane.

4. Perfect my "transporter" invention so I won't have to spend $60/week in gas.

5. Learn that taking my laptop in to a movie theater to do work while watching Star Wars Ep. III is not acceptable in Delaware.

6. Apologize to my fish for not giving them the quality time that they deserve.

7. Shop for ANOTHER wedding card for my father. Do they make cards that say "Hope it works out this time"? I'm about to add his name to this list.

8. Figure out where that smell in my apartment is coming from.

9. Search for a house somewhere north of the canal.

10. Click "yes" or "no" on my e-vite for attending my upcoming highschool reunion.