Friday, May 27, 2005

In the news...

**Isn't it strange how life sometimes imitates art?

Recently life imitated art again. In a almost scary case of deja vu, one Australian woman was charged in Bali for drug smuggling, claiming it was planted by baggage handlers.

I'm claiming deja vu because this was almost the same exact storyline to Brokedown Palace. Now maybe I'm just naive and this sort of thing happens all the time over there, but this is the first I've heard about it. Maybe it was just a slow news day.

**In other news, I'm a little embarrassed that my fellow Delawareans tied KENTUCKY and MISSISSIPPI in a test of driver's knowledge. I now make it my personal responsibility to educate everyone. Lesson 1: Contrary to popular belief, red means stop.

**Under the category of "Only in my world...", A woman in Indiana claims she took her eyes off her son for a second and the next thing she knew, he had climbed up inside a crane machine game at a local Wal-Mart. I refer to this story as being in my world because the game machine that she crawled up into is owned by my step-father's company. Upon hearing the news he was quoted as saying "oh shit, that's one of ours."

I was talking with him about it and he informed me that the child was very lucky that he did not get electrocuted. Apparently there's a setting on those machines that allow the vendor to adjust the voltage, hence allowing the claw to grasp stronger or weaker. He also informed me that there's no way in hell the child climbed up there in "two seconds".

I think mom wasn't paying attention for a little bit longer than that...