Monday, May 23, 2005

Eye in the sky...

So for my birthday present to myself this year, I pondered over several "toys" that I wanted. I knew it was coming from Best Buy. It always does. I'm just that kind of nerd. I really do need adult supervision in that store.

So in all my infinite wisdom, I thought to myself, self, you're going to be traveling quite a bit for this job, you should get something you can use anywhere. And so I did. Allow me to introduce my new traveling buddy; the XM Satellite Radio Receiver, MyFi.

Because let's face it, commercial radio just plain sucks. I can't stand listening to the same crap over and over and over. I used to have an MP3 player in the car but even that got old after a while. With MyFi I have the ability to 1) use the receiver as a "walkman" as you can see in the picture, 2) use it in car (any car) with all the included components:

Image hosted by

or 3) use it in the house or office. So really, one could potentially listen to uninterrupted, commercial-free, non-repetitive music 24 hours a day. All for $12.95 a month. That's like 41 cents a day.

In only the 24 hours I've had so far, I've heard songs that I haven't heard in YEARS! I get 150 channels of music, sports, comedy, talk (right and left), weather, traffic, and news. I can even listen to the Discovery Channel if I want to. (And I'll be able to listen to my Lions lose every game this year!)

And the best part? I can record. If I'm listening and hear a song that I want, with the touch of a button, it is saved to the internal memory. The MyFi can store up to 5 hours of music internally. You can also set the MyFi up to download and save 5 hours of music on a schedule. For example the next time I fly, I'll set it to record for 5 hours the previous night. On the plane, where they frown on transmitting devices, I can fall back on the recorded music! Everybody wins!

I am one very satisfied customer and my only complaint is that I didn't sign up years ago. So if you're thinking about XM or Sirius, my advice is to go for it.

It passes time like nothing else on earth... (no pun intended)