Thursday, February 10, 2005

Calling all cars!

I've never lost an interview. It's a fact. Every interview I've ever had in my life, I've been offered the job. So based strictly on that "streak", I need YOUR help.

The following is a hypothetical situation of what my near future may look like. I may have a tough choice to make. Read my story, and tell me what you'd do. Please, I'm looking for as much input as possible from all walks of life. No holds barred. Let me have it! I'm looking for record breaking comment numbers here!

The following takes place between 1:00pm and 2:00pm...

Just kidding! Here we go...

The scenario:

Currently: Employed with the State Government. Job security is at a maximum. Salary is ok, could be better, but is slightly above par with others in the agency, in the field. Raises are not based on performance and may only happen once a year, if lucky. Benefits can't be beat. Vacation and sick leave accumulate very fast. Job satisfaction is very high. Coworkers and immediate management could not be better. Opportunity for advancement is medium-low, but possible.

Interview 1: Wednesday, February 16th. Position is within the current State Agency, different division, same building. Job security would still be at a maximum. Salary would increase about 21-22%. Raises would remain the same. Benefits would still remain the same, excellent. Vacation and sick leave would carry over. Job satisfaction would be high, but slightly lower than current. Coworkers personability would decline. Immediate management would remain close to the same. Opportunity for advancement is very low, unless someone leaves. Workload may actually decrease.

Interview 2: Late February. Position is outside of State Government, in the private sector. Job security decreases but is based on performance so I should have nothing to worry about. Salary would increase about 35%. Raises are based upon performance reviews twice a year, and an annual bonus is given. Vacation is the standard 2-3 weeks a year depending on time with the firm. If accepted, I would also receive a payment for leaving the state for unused vacation, and money contributed into a pension because I am not vested yet. (About 5-6K total) Job satisfacation would be high. Coworkers' and immediate management's personability would be high, tying with my current job. Opportunity for advancement is medium-high. Workload close to doubles.

The Hitch: I'm offered Interview 1 and given a week to decide. I must make my decision before even taking part in Interview 2.

This is where you, my readers, come in. I need advice, and lots of it.

Do you (I) (a.) take Interview 1's job, knowing that I would 99.9% be offered Interview 2, working for a week or two and then give my notice taking Interview 2's job? This would not only enrage the staff at my current State Agency, but potentially mar any chance of working with/for them again.

Do you (I) (b.) turn down Interview 1's job, keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes flawless with Interview 2? This is running the risk of screwing myself over and not getting/taking either one of them and end up sitting right where I am.

So think it over. What would you do? A or B? Or give me a choice C...