Sunday, February 06, 2005

Take, these broken wings, and learn to fly again...

I'm not going to break down this game. Others get paid to do that. I would just like to point out that:
1) Operation: Cover Deion Branch was a massive failure. (again)
2.) The power of experience prevailed.
3.) T.O. is worth every penny.

Overall, I was extremely pleased and impressed with this years Superbowl production. I was very happy to see that the national anthem was performed by a most talented group of our men and women in uniform and not some pop star or boy band. It was classy. It was highly respectful. It was perfect. They paid tribute to the Greatest Generation which always gets to me. It makes me think of my grandfather who, up until his death two years ago, was a survivor of D-Day in Normandy and has probably earned the most respect I have ever given to one person.

The halftime show was a safe, smart choice. Sir Paul Mcartney was, in my opinion, better than any MTV-ish halftime show I've seen in a long time. It restored my faith in Superbowl halftime entertainment. I found myself subconsciously singing along. Well done.

Then we have the commercials.
My hands down favorite commercial was by Budweiser . If only this were true in the real world. I've had too many of my friends come back home from Iraq to be spit on and be called "baby killers". I thought that was something that ended with the Vietnam War. My friends informed me that I was wrong. No matter what your opinion of the war, these people are human and deserve your respect.

I laughed at a few more. The first time I saw the Ford Mustang Convertible commercial was fun (because I'm a mustang fan). However it turned stale after seeing it 7 more times. I also enjoyed Manny the cockatiel too.
Well, as my childhood hero Joe Montana said during his NFL plug:

"The sun'll come out, tomorrow...

...tomorrow every team is undefeated"

*Cheers to next season*