Saturday, February 12, 2005


A conversation overheard at the mall today while standing in line for food at the food court:

(nothing has been changed to protect the innocent)

Wesley College Girl 1: "Oh my God, I like TOTALLY went crazy in Old Navy today."
Wesley College Girl 2: "No way, like what happened?!"

WCG1: "I found this rack of little pink tops in the back of the store and I TOTALLY died. They are the like CUTEST tops EVER!"

WCG2: "GET OUT! Let me see!"
WCG1: *digging through 15 different bags* "Oh, I'll show you later. I'm going to look SO cute, they have like this cute white lacey thing around the shoulders."
WCG2: "Oh my God! You should TOTALLY wear that to the Sigma party tonight! Scott will be SO jealous. Guys will be ALL OVER YOU if you wear that!"

These are the leaders of tomorrow.

"Like, oh my God, I so TOTALLY fear for our future!"

*shakes head*