Monday, February 14, 2005

Judgment Day

It's like walking in to a nightmare every day. I wasn't going to post today, but I couldn't help it. What was once a great working environment has rapidly gone down hill. Fast.

Remember this? Well the powers that be have decided that they have found their niche. Something they do well. They rule with an iron fist. Since that happened, the net has been cast out over the entire division and today's staff meeting revealed that this Wednesday will be "Judgment Day" for a select few individuals in MY SECTION. I believe the exact words were "this person's dismissal is going to affect our whole section."

How do I put this tastefully, yet express my true feelings? Hmm... Eat Shit. That ought to do it. My professional opinion? One person at the top, not the very top, but close, is going on an all out power trip and trying to prove herself by playing with her Big Brother toys and seeing what kind of dirt she can dig up. While this is all well and good for her, she now has the entire agency paranoid, and nervous, and completely unproductive.

You may be saying "if you didn't do anything wrong, you should have nothing to worry about." Well, that's partially right. I haven't done anything wrong. I'm squeaky clean. But imagine going to work in the morning and wondering if your best friend, who is a single parent with three children, is going to get fired every day. It's nerve racking. When you're not worrying about others, you're retracing everything you've done to reassure yourself that you've done nothing wrong. Your mind begins to play tricks on you. I have accomplished NOTHING since the news broke. And I won't until Wednesday when I learn who it is / they are.

To top off all of this, the power tripper, runs a section that really needs to worry about 100 other things OTHER than what she is doing, but God forbid she not catch that person who reads during their lunch hour.

It's people like this that really irk me. And myself being one of the more tech-savy people there know how to tell if "Big Brother" tools are monitoring you while you work on the computer. So I've blocked mine. I'll admit it. I did it just to piss her off. Do you want me to repeat that? You heard me, I said, I locked the administrators out of my machine so they can't look at a damn thing. Eat shit. (Can you tell I'm pissed?) Will this get me in to trouble? Perhaps. But I have nothing to hide, so if they want to look that bad, they'll have to earn it.

A while back I had a rather big decision to make. This just made it clear as glass for me... Sorry, State of Delaware, but you just lost a good great employee. I have no respect for dictatorships.