Saturday, February 26, 2005


Well, all this time off has been nice, but I actually miss working. Monday is Interview 2 and it's time I get back to thinking about my future. I've been in contact with the company and I'm told this Monday is nothing more than a formality. I've already been assigned work if you can believe that, and I don't even work for them yet.

This is a move that I should have made a long time ago. I'd most likely be further along my career path if I had and I would have never had to go through this mess with the State.

It's a funny thing, hindsight is. I can't even begin to count all the things I would change in my life if I knew at the time what I know now. You see people all the time respond to "what would you change about your life?" with "not a thing."

Not me. No way. You ask me that question and you'd better be prepared to listen to me vent for a while. My response would be like an overzealous actor winning an Oscar and getting out a laundry list of people to thank.

I have a hard time believing people who say that they wouldn't change anything about their lives if given the opportunity. Is your life that absolutely perfect that you can't find one thing? ONE THING? Maybe you could have done without that Chinese food the other night that gave you indigestion? Or maybe you shouldn't have gotten that haircut? There has to be something.

Editors note: This post was not influenced in any way by the fact that I was watching Back to the Future while I was writing it.